Growing Season

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May 2018-16.jpg

Country life has its ups and downs: from chickens, guineas, and turkeys that never seem to stop making noise and bugs everywhere to the best sunsets and clearest night skies, but there are more ups than ever at this time of year. The bees are buzzing with life, the sun lingers in the sky, and the orchard and garden are brimming with growth as tiny buds of fruit and flowers form. How I just love to take it all in.

I sometimes spend too much time indoors sometimes since that's the nature of my job, but I try to take time every day to go out for a walk with the dogs to get a little fresh air. Plus, on days, when Will gets home early, we'll always take a walk after dinner. Ah, the long dog days of summer are upon us.

Check out photos some (because there are more!) of the different fruits we have below.

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Last year was a pretty terrible year for fruit in general, but especially for peaches. The winter was too warm, and spring had a cold snap. This year was much better and more consistent for them so I'm looking forward to seeing how they fared.

The figs are only just starting to come in, but I look forward to making preserves out of them this year. They are always so delicious.

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The bees on the property are technically not ours, but that of a neighbor. Either way, I like to think of the honey as "our honey" even though I do have to pay for it when I get it at the local feed store.

The table grapes a little sad right now since they are so small, but they will grow soon. So just have to be patient. Sigh.

Oh, man. Y'all, if you like pears, you need to try our Asian pears (pictured at the top right of the post). And if you don't like them, I promise you that these will change your mind. These pears are vastly different from the European variety most people are used: in a word, crisp. The mush of typical pears is always what turned me off them, but these have the crunch of an apple with so much juicy, sweet goodness inside of them. They are the best. Trust.

And I've been here for quite a while now but only just found out we have pomegranates (pictured at the top left of the post). Who knew?? I also did not know that pomegranate shrubs have such gorgeous flowers. Just stunning.

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And check out the baby muscadines -- a variety of wild grapes, in case you didn't know -- because they are just so darn cute and little. Their sweet tartness is always something to look forward to, even if they have a ton of seeds.

The lemons we have are really the strangest. They have a thick, bitter rind, and their juice is much more sour than anything you'd buy in store. We'd been talking about what we can do with them, and I think I'm going to try to make marmalade with their juice and candy their rinds this year. Can't wait 'til they're good to go!

Oh, and the plums. They still need to ripen a little to eat, but they are definitely ready to pick so that they finish ripening at home.

My in-laws' farm is open to the public for pick-and-pay for all fruits when they're in season. We're located right outside Center, TX. Just call ahead and let us know you're coming so we can give you directions and have everything ready for ya: +1 936 598 9896. We'll be happy to take you out on the property with your own basket, tell you a little about the harvest, and let you pick away.