How It Works

You're interested in my calligraphy services for your wedding or event. Here's how to get everything done as quickly and easily as possible. I know you have a lot more to plan so I'll try to make the process clear and painless.

First Steps

Check out the different styles and layouts I offer, and envision your event. What goes with your style? Think about your colors. Do you want wine envelopes? What about acrylic place cards? Have you considered a metallic ink?

If you have any questions about any of this or just have no idea what to choose, shoot me a message, and we can chat about it. I will gladly make recommendations based on your taste, budget and needs.


I can write on just about anything, usually. Certain materials lend themselves to certain kinds of ink and writing utensils so I will advise you according to what you're looking for as to what materials you should use. Typically, you'll purchase the materials you want based on the number I give you after you submit an order form and send them to me to write on, but if you'd like, I will gladly purchase them for you, too.


Once you've sent over your content and made selections on materials, I work quickly. I offer a turnaround of one to two weeks typically. Expect a turnaround time of two to three weeks during the peak season of April through August. The best though is to get started as soon as possible. The sooner you decide and get started, the sooner I can have your handwritten goods in your hands.

Content Lists

When submitting your content lists (i.e. addresses for invitations, names for escort cards), please send me a document with the exact content of each individual piece line by line.

I will not make corrections for spelling, formatting, or etiquette. For all I know your uncle Darrell does spell his name with one L. So please be sure to verify all information, including spelling of names, etiquette and formatting of addresses, especially any that are international. The best way to make sure it is correct is to reach out to guests directly. And if you have any questions about etiquette or formatting, I will be glad to help!

Still, human error is an unfortunate part of life. If you spell your great aunt's name wrong or completely forgot to include her in your list, fear not. One round of corrections/additions is always included. (Note: Any additional rounds will be billed accordingly.)

Since this is a lot of information to organize, to make things easier, I've made sample documents that you can fill out with your own content. (Word DocumentExcel Spreadsheet)

As soon as your list is final and ready to go, please email it to leslie [at] Please submit only one list. Submitting more than one can result in confused me, which leads to errors, delays, etc.

Standard services & rates

  • Invitation Addressing
    • Outer Envelope - 2.25
    • Inner Envelope - 1.25
  • Escort Card - 1.75
    • + Mini Envelope - 0.25
  • Place Card - 1.50
  • Custom Ink - 30

Commission Pieces

Are you interested in me designing your invitations? Do you want a gorgeous mirror seating chart? Maybe you're looking for the perfect handmade gift of your mother's favorite quote. Better yet, you want a small digital design that you can send off for your custom stamp with your new last name on it. All of these and more fall under the category of commissioned pieces. Whether it's a gift, a memento or the perfect touch in your house, I will gladly make that special something for you. Send me a message, and we can discuss the details!