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Choose your path

I love when people are flexible with me so I definitely want to be flexible with you. Below are the three different paths you can choose in how you want to work with me based on your needs.


the wedding

You're getting married! Congrats are due! Cue applause.

I love weddings. But more than that, I love LOVE. It is an indescribably, terrifyingly wonderful feeling that all should experience. And everyone's love is unique, which is what makes it even more extraordinary, so it's an honor to be in the running to capture it.

So let's talk about you. Read the form below. It will ask you quite a few questions so that I can figure out what package best suits your needs. Once you submit, you'll get brief set of my answers to your questions immediately, and later, I'll send over all the nitty gritty.


the portraits

Who needs a special event to take photos? I'm all for making every moment count.

If you're a graduate, a new momma, a family (furbabies count!), or just lovin' yourself, let's hang. We'll find a sweet spot at a park, downtown, or just at home, where you're comfortable. We'll highlight this moment in your life.

So take a gander at the form below. It will have a simple set of questions so that we can move in the direction you need. Once you submit, you'll get a brief set of my answers to your questions immediately, and later on I'll reply with all the nitty gritty.

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the adventure

You're up for anything and everything. You're doing something unorthodox and fun in the middle of the desert. You're taking a once-in-a-lifetime trip hiking in the mountains. Whatever it is, if it sounds like an adventure, you're in the right place.

Send me a message below. Tell me allll about what we're doing together, whether I should sign a liability waiver, and when we're getting started because I am so there.

I like you already. In fact, I think we're going to be really good friends. So click below so we can go on an adventure together!