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Hi! I'm Leslie.

I craft narratives and tangible memories for the modern bride in a modern world.

the modern world is fleeting.

but your story matters. let me share it.

Hey you. Yeah, you. You may feel small in a world where the next big thing could end up a passing fad, but your story -- your wedding (!!) -- is beyond all that. It doesn't belong at the bottom of the slush pile.

Together, we'll take your vision and make it real. Everyone who matters -- be it your parents, your best friend, your coworkers, or the post man -- will savor the little things that made your special day, well, yours.

So kick back and pour yourself a hot cuppa coffee (make it a strong one for me!) 'cause we're about to have some fun. 'Cause that's what all this wedding planning stuff is supposed to be: FUN. Scrolling through Pinterest for inspiration, getting dressed up for engagement photos, and mailing out invitations will be a blast together, I promise.

Scroll down and let's get started!

Let's Get You to the Right Place

 Invitations, day-of decor, calligraphy, and more. Beautifully designed paper (wood, metal, glass, and more!) goods catch the eye and give the right personal touch to your day.   START HERE

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Invitations, place cards, menus, envelope calligraphy, and more. Beautifully designed, classically written paper goods catch the eye and give the right personal touch to your day.



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From the engagement and bridals to the smiling through tears and hugs all around on your big day. Document the moments you and your loved ones never want to forget with classic photos.


Interested in both?

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